From the Edge to Hope

Runestad’s Earth Symphony (“Choral”)
World Premiere

Vivaldi Four Seasons

True Concord Choir, Soloists & Orchestra

Video Concert Re-Released for Earth Day Weekend 2024!

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Imagine a world without the hanging threat of climate crisis.

The past year and a half have exposed many issues that humans are dealing with, but composer Jake Runestad asks, “What is the most pressing, most urgent issue of our time? Climate change.”

To tackle this, Runestad and poet Todd Boss approach the issue of climate change through the voice of Mother Earth. We are her children; of her but hurting her. The work takes us into her thoughts as she expresses pride in her children’s accomplishments, growth and creation of art. But the smoke-filled heavens, melting ice, rising seas and flooded cities are showing us what we are doing to her.

She and the music ask the question…

What are we going to do now?

Earth’s Symphony (“Choral”) will be coupled with the popular environmental masterwork, Vivaldi Four Seasons.

About 300 years ago, Antonio Vivaldi composed what has become perhaps the most popular environment-themed work of all time: The Four Seasons. In this unique spotlight on the orchestra of True Concord, we will highlight not one but FOUR violin soloists from among our talented ensemble! Let True Concord’s soloists inspire you in this celebration Earth’s beauty!

The program also includes music from around the globe that speaks to the need for our care of the world, and the hope for renewal through the universal language of music.

“True Concord Voices & Orchestra has created something truly spectacular…”

Arizona Daily Star