What to expect at a True Concord performance

New to True Concord? Welcome, and here’s what to expect!

You are literally right there!

  • True Concord performs in acoustically excellent smaller halls and churches.
  • Generally, the atmosphere is intimate with smaller audiences close to the performers.
  • This gives YOU a greatly enhanced experience of the live performance.

Attending a True Concord performance is a friendly experience.

  • You can expect to be greeted at the door by one of our friendly volunteers or board members.
  • Many audience members have been coming to the performances a long time, so there is often a family feel of old friends coming together.
  • And these loyal fans are happy to welcome new ones!

Get the most out of each performance!

  • Before most performances, Music Director Eric Holtan presents a pre-concert talk, sharing his thoughts, insights and behind-the-scenes stories of the music being performed.
  • Talks begin 45 minutes prior to the start of the concert.
  • Guest artists or members of the company often join Eric to share an insider’s view of the music to be performed.
  • These talks will give you things to watch and listen for during concerts, and a sense of the artists performing for you.
  • BONUS: You get an expanded understanding and enjoyment of the musical experience!

Let’s meet!

  • Following the concert, stay for cookies and conversation in the lobby.
  • Many of the performers join in, so it’s a great time for a meet-and-greet with your favorite singers and musicians‚Ķ
  • And meet new favorites!