Two different programs of eclectic, small ensemble repertoire not often performed by True Concord.

October 28 – November 2 and November 3 – 8, 2020

English Madrigals, French Songs and Childhood Stories

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Monteverdi, Rossini and Brahms ‘Temptations’

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Enjoy this opportunity to hear rarely performed music in an intimate outdoor setting.

English Madrigals, French Songs and Childhood Stories

October 28 – November 2, 2020

In a new True Concord series that showcases our vocalists in small ensembles, this program combines music of England, France and Italy with childhood stories.

An 8-voice ensemble presents English madrigals including works by Weelkes and Gibbons before moving to 8-part motets of Lasso and Giovanni Gabrieli. You’ll hear well-known French chansons by Ravel and Debussy. And finally, Sam Pottle’s story of the Jabberwocky tucks you in for bed.

If you’re afraid to sleep after that Jabberwocky story, don’t worry! We’ve asked Billy Joel to sing you a Lullaby.

Monteverdi, Rossini and Brahms ‘Temptations’

November 3 – 8, 2020

During True Concord’s second Consort program, 9 of our vocalists tempt you with Italian madrigals of Monteverdi, Rossini’s churning reflection on being a Gondolier and two part-songs of Johannes Brahms.

Moving to England and America, texts of Henry Heveningham and Walt Whitman are set to song by David Dickau. Norwegian composer Kim André Arnesen’s Flight Song paints the beautiful poetry of Euan Tait with song. This evocative music depicts seabirds gliding in the sky outside his home overlooking the Wye and the Severn, two of the great British border rivers.

If we haven’t tempted you by now, we hope Tom Waits’s Temptation will convince you. We definitely can’t resist the “rusted brandy in a diamond glass.”

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