From Conflict to Peace

Haydn Mass in Time of War
Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem

Video Concert Dec. 31 – Jan. 27

True Concord Choir, Soloists & Orchestra

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Emerging from a state of war, this music takes us on a journey through conflict to the ultimate goal of peace.

Josef Haydn composed the Mass in Time of War in August 1796, at the time of Austria’s general mobilization into war. At places, you will hear a very unsettled nature to the music.

Most of the Mass, however, is of a lyrically joyful nature — perhaps expressing the desire all of mankind ultimately has — peace and happiness.

Ralph Vaughan Williams, best known for The Lark Ascending, believed music should be a part of everyday life. He worked all his life for democratic and egalitarian ideals.

Vaughan Williams served as a medic in the first world war, which by its end saw more than 8.5 million people perish. Having witnessed and experienced the ravages of war, he found himself reflecting on the past and fearing war’s return.

How does one recover from this? The composer held to his belief that music is a means to preserve civilization and composed Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) as his response to war and plea for peace.

“… a stunning performance, full of depth, power and emotion.”

Cliff Cunningham, Sun News Tucson