From Mourning to Dancing


March 25 – 27, 2022

True Concord Choir, Soloists & Orchestra

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Bach B-Minor Mass

Profound — The sound of love

Widely regarded as one of the supreme achievements of classical music, this large work for choir, soloists and orchestra is another of Bach’s “cathedrals in sound.”

In February 1733, after the death of August II the Strong, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, five months of mourning followed during which all public music-making was suspended. It was in this time of silence that Bach started composing his Mass in B Minor.

The Mass is filled with the presence of dance idioms as Bach used the secular to portray the sacred, lifting each to the highest plane.

Close your eyes – listen – and see the emotions shift from mourning to dancing

“The most stupendous miracle in all music!”

Richard Wagner

“Congratulations to the True Concord Voices & Orchestra for living up to the ideals of their name and for the wonderful performance.”

New York Concert Review, inc.