Lord, Who hast made us for thine own,
Hear as we sing before Thy throne. Alleluia.

Accept Thy children’s rev’rent praise
For all Thy wondrous works and ways. Alleluia.

Waves, rolling in on ev’ry shore,
Pause at His footfall and adore. Alleluia.

Ye torrents rushing from the hills,
Bless Him Whose hand your fountains fills. Alleluia.

Earth, ever through the pow’r divine,
Seedtime and harvest shall be thine. Alleluia.

Sweet flow’rs that perfume all the air,
Thank Him that He hath made you fair. Alleluia.

Burn lamps of night, with constant flame,
Shine to the honour of His name. Alleluia.

Thou sun, whom all the lands obey,
Renew his praise from day to day. Alleluia.