Lovely, white spring
You move on stripes of starlight
Silently across the waves
Lightly through the nocturnal mist
You give new life and growth
You give sun and verdancy
And grant, if only we believe in you,
Everything our hearts desire.
Scatter by the armful
Dew and scent as you pass
Sparks, oblivion and song,
All that renews the world.

But, O gentle spring,
Remember that you also bear a promise
For what will never
Think of budding again.
Dreams which just ended in a struggle
Promises slowly consumed
Thread which quietly wore out
No matter how firmly they were spun,
Strings which snapped unnoticed
But had to quiver long,
Thoughts that clashed and toiled
Until they outlived themselves.
All of these are waiting for you
Waiting for their reward
Yearning by untrodden paths
To become ashes in urns.
Lovely, white spring
Spread your joy around the town
But where you radiantly move
Don’t forget the withered leaves.
                    Oskar Leverkin (1962-1906)