When Birds Do Sing — June 12, 2020

Derived from a range of outstanding choral music, my themed Playlists are designed to be like concerts, of about an hour in length.

This week’s Playlist celebrates spring and love, with the kind assistance of a variety of birds in works by Brahms, Monteverdi, Whitacre, George Shearing and more.

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Click the links for information on the pieces and texts/translations.

Liebeslieder-Walzer, Op.52 Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)



Performed by Monteverdi Choir, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner


Ecco mormorar l’onde 

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)



Performed by Hallenser Madrigalisten, conducted by Andreas Göpfert


Clément Janequin (c.1485-1558)

Le Chant des Oiseaux


Performed by Concert Clemens, conducted by Carsten Seyer-Hanse


Eric Whitacre (b.1970)

Little Birds

Background and Translation

Performed by BYU Singers, conducted by Ronald Staheli


Vårsång – Glad såsom fågeln
Prince Gustaf (1827-1852); Arr. Robert Sund


Happy as the bird in the morning-time I welcome spring in joyous mood,
The lark answers me, also the thrush in the grove,
The flicker in the field and the grouse in the woods.

See how those little silvered creeks hop and slap,
Pleasant arms ’round clumps and stones.
See how it spreads among bushes and branches of life and of dance
In the delightful spring sun’s brilliance!
                    Original Swedish by Herman Sätherberg (1812-1897); tr. R. Solomonson

Performed by Allmänna Sången, conducted by Cecilia Rydinger Alin (Spotify)
Örebro Kammerkör, conducted by Fred Sjoberg (YouTube)


Five Hebrew Love SongsEric Whitacre


Kalá Kallá
Ézye Shéleg!

Background and Translations

Performed by Eric Whitacre Singers, conducted by Eric Whitacre


Now is the Month of Maying

Thomas Morley (1557/8-1602)



Performed by The King’s Singers


Sven-Eric Johanson (1919-1997); Arr. for marimba by Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen


Lovers Love the Spring
O Mistress Mine
Hark! Hark! The Lark

Performed by Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, conducted by Grete Pedersen


Songs and Sonnets from Shakespeare
George Shearing (1919-2011)


Live With Me and Be My Love
It Was a Lover and His Lass

Performed by The Cambridge Singers, conducted by John Rutter