We Are True Concord

  • A critically acclaimed professional chamber choir and orchestra,
  • Innovative programming,
  • Intimate and acoustically excellent performances across the region,
  • Voices and instrumentalists of the highest caliber from across the country,
  • With a mission to create experiences that move, enrich and inspire.

Join us!

What’s in a Name?

The inspiration for our name comes directly from Shakespeare’s poetry about music, where he speaks of “. . . the true concord of well-tuned sounds . . .” Click here to read the full text of the poem.

To me, these words describe those special moments in music when the hearts and minds of the musicians and the audience become one.

In his Sonnet No. 8, Shakespeare refers to the “true concord” of both vocal and instrumental music coming together in harmony, describing music’s ability to bring us together. His use of “concord” jumped out at me, and I was surprised to learn that it has a musical definition:  “the combination of simultaneous and harmonious tones.” And as I dug deeper, I was even more impressed to learn that it comes from 14th century old French: con – “together” + cor – “heart.” Hearts together.

When I added Shakespeare’s word “true,” I realized that True Concord is more than a name. It is a concept, a place and an experience. It represents the power of our shared emotions during concerts.

Our audiences know that we perform glorious music for voices and orchestra. But more importantly, when we’ve asked our audiences why they keep coming back to our concerts, they have told us it is because of the feeling of inspiration they have from experiencing our music. As one of our donors put it, it’s the “goose-bump moments.”

We have grown dramatically in reputation and audiences since our inception in 2004. As we continue to grow and expand our audience reach, the one thing that will never change is our commitment to our patrons and to Tucson and Southern Arizona. We have become who we are now because of our loyal audiences and supporters. This is our home and we will always be proud to tell the world that we were founded and remain based in Tucson, Arizona.

Together we will have a strong future. Thank you for your tremendous support of our music.

Eric Holtan,
Music Director