2022-23 Season Health Policy (updated 2/8/2022)

Dear True Concord Patrons,

This 2022-23 season, we are excited to see you all again at the terrific concerts True Concord will be presenting. We wanted you to be aware of our health and safety protocols so you can plan accordingly.

We will not be checking vaccine status but expect that our audience will be fully vaccinated including the boosters recommended for your age and health status. This includes the latest bivalent Covid booster, and we also encourage everyone to get the flu vaccine, which covers four different strains of flu. This will be on the honor system and we trust you.

In consideration of those in our audience who are at higher risk, we will continue to require masks at concerts through March.

Since this is different than many other arts organizations, I wanted to explain our rationale. First is the issue of uncertainty. It is probable that new covid variants will continue arise and we would rather be proactive rather than instituting masking at the last minute. Second is the issue of accessibility to all in our audience. There are many people who, for concern about their risk due to health issues or exposure to others, are still not going to indoor venues without masks. We want to be sensitive to these patrons and feel it is a small imposition to ask people to wear masks for a 2-hour performance. In addition, having a safe venue will convey to our artists that their health is our priority.

We hope you understand. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we look forward to seeing you at True Concord performances!

Eve Shapiro, MD
Chair, True Concord Board of Directors

Other Relevant Questions

What if I buy tickets but want to switch concerts?

Simply call us at 520-401-2651 to exchange your tickets. True Concord does not charge exchange fees.

Is there a possibility that concerts could be cancelled?

Since the onset of the pandemic, True Concord has remained committed to presenting concerts. Rather than cancelling, we will strive to reschedule concerts if necessary.

I have credit on my account, or tickets to From Silenced to Singing from last season.

You are welcome to use your credit toward tickets or donate it in support of True Concord’s mission. Your tickets to the From Silenced to Singing are still valid; you do not need to repurchase them. This program has been rescheduled to January 2023 and renamed to Jocelyn Hagen, Susanna Phillips and Mozart: HERE I AM. These tickets will be resent in fall 2022. Call our office at (520) 401-2651 to confirm your credit, switch concert dates, or to ask questions.

What can I do to help ensure a safe & successful season for True Concord?

Your support, through subscription purchases and donations, helps keep True Concord strong and gives us confidence in our planning. We urge you to get vaccinated and encourage your loved ones to as well. Most recent CDC guidelines indicate vaccinated persons can gather indoors without restrictions. Our summer observations and discussions will be informative as to whether that guideline can be applied to our concerts this autumn.