A Jubilant Song

O! Listen to a jubilant song!

The joy of our spirit-it is uncaged,
it darts like lightning!
My soul it darts like lightning!

For we sing to the joys of youth,
and the joy of a glad light-beaming day.

Our spirit sings a jubilant song that is to life full of music,
a life full of concord, of music, a life full of harmony.

We sing prophetic joys, of lofty ideals,
We sing a universal love awaking in the hearts of men.

O! to have life, a poem of new joys,
to shout, dance, exult, and leap.
O! to realize space and flying clouds,
O! to realize space, the sun and moon,
O! to be rulers of destiny and of life.
                    Adapted from A Song of Joys by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)