Israel in Egypt

But as for His People
But as for His people, He led them forth like sheep:
He brought them out with silver and gold;
there was not one feeble person among the tribes.
                  Psalm 78:53; Psalm 105:37


Egypt Was Glad
Egypt was glad when they departed,
for the fear of them fell upon them.
                    Psalm 105:38


He Rebuked the Red Sea
He rebuked the Red Sea, and it was dried up.


He Led Them
He led them through the deep as through a wilderness.
                    Psalm 106:9


But the Waters
But the waters overwhelmed their enemies,
there was not one of them left.
                    Psalm 106:11


And Israel Saw
And Israel saw that great work that the Lord did upon the Egyptians;
and the people feared the Lord.


And Believed the Lord
And believed the Lord and his servant Moses.
                    Exodus 14:31