O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf

O Saviour, tear open the heavens,
flow down to us from heaven above;
tear off heaven’s gate and door,
tear off every lock and bar.

O God, a dew from heaven pour;
in the dew, O Saviour, downward flow.
Break, you clouds, and rain down
the king of Jacob’s house.

O earth, burst forth, burst forth, O earth,
so that mountain and valley all become green;
O earth, bring forth this little flower;
O Saviour, spring forth out of the earth.

Here we suffer the greatest distress;
before our eyes stands bitter death.
Ah, come lead us with your powerful hand
from this misery to our Father’s land.

Therefore we all want to thank you,
our Redeemer, for ever and ever.
Therefore we also want to praise you
at all times, always, and forever. Amen.
                    Original German by Friedrich von Spee (1591-1635)