Observing Nature (from Vidi Aquam)

This huge Sun, the maker of light and heat,
and the cause of all earthly generation;
the Moon, which marketh us out the years,
the months, the seasons; the Sky,
so trimly azured and richly set with glistering stars;
this huge Sea, which beateth upon all sides of the earth,
the weight of which is borne upon his own round counterpiece.

The great number of living creatures that are upon it,
whereof some fly in the air, everywhere dispersed,
and othersome dwell in hollow caves of it,
which nature hath fashioned of set purpose for them.

So many high mountains within whose veins
are found innumerable treasures;
and others, from whence issue many a fair spring,
sprouting out their thin and clear water
whereout do gush violent streams and pleasant rivers,
nourishing infinite numbers and kinds of fishes.

Et omnes, ad quos                                                                 And all, to whom the
pervenit aqua ista, salvi                                                      water came, have been
facti sunt…                                                                              saved…

The full hugeness of the whole,
the power of the Elements,
the natural beauty of the creatures:
what are they else but the utterance
and open showing of God’s love
and great liberality towards us?
                    From Del Beneficio di Giesu Christo Crocifisso